Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Calling all Rick Riordan Fans. Join the "largest demigod gathering in history!"

Rick Riordan has written yet another splendid series called the Heroes of Olympus and you can join the celebration on October 12th by watching a live broadcast. Take a look at the Heroes of Olympus website to find out more about this event, to learn about the new series, to watch videos, to play games, and much more. 

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aliki said...

My brother and I used to love your books. Percy Jackson was the best thing that happened to books. But in this new series, Jason is a very boring main character. You need characters like Percy, Grover, and Clarisse. If you want to get rid of what people love, they won't read. By the way, Greece was never defeated by Rome.(page 358)If you want to write a Roman series, go ahead, but camp Half-Blood is Greek. There are many good points in the book, it's a great book, but you need things like putting titles to the chapters. It's a great book, but for the next time, get rid of the Romans and bring back the classic characters. THANKS!!

From Aliki (11 yrs old)