Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vote for Jumpstart!

Here is a letter that I got from Jumpstart that I would like to share with you.

Dear Marya,

Our very good friends at MetLife Foundation are celebrating Thanksgiving this year by donating $500,000 as part of their “Thanksgiving Charity Score” initiative!
Jumpstart has been chosen to participate as one of four charities to receive up to $175,000!

The charity that gets the most votes from the general public over the course of the initiative will get 1st place and so on through 4th place. The $500,000 will be donated as follows: 1st place: $175,000, 2nd place $125,000, 3rd and 4th places $100,000.
Help us win $175,000 by voting for us once per day through Sunday, November 28, and donating your Facebook status to Jumpstart during this week of thanks. More votes for Jumpstart means more of the $500,000 donation will support our programs nationwide, helping children in low-income neighborhoods get the quality education they deserve. We can win up to $175K, but we can only do it with your vote!
Thank you!

How to vote and donate your status:

1.) Vote every day for Jumpstart here!

2.) Donate your status on Facebook to Jumpstart! Simply copy and paste the following as your status to help spread the word to your network. Change it every day if you’d like!

I’m donating my status to Jumpstart to let my Facebook network know that early education is important to me. I voted for Jumpstart at www.metlife.com/thanksgiving to receive $175K from MetLife Foundation! I’m thankful for my education and know how critical Jumpstart’s work is with preschool children in low-income neighborhoods nationwide. Join me – vote and paste this message as your status until 11/28.

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