Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Listen up President Obama - the kids have something to say

Like many millions of people I watched Barack Obama getting sworn in today. It was a very moving hour or so. and I am sure that I will treasure my memories of this time in the years to come. Throughout the event I kept thinking about what this poor man faces when the hoopla is over and he has to get to work. There are so many problems that need to be addressed. Where should he start? Of course President Obama has bushels of advisors who will do their best to help him, but he might also want to hear what some of America's children have to say. A non-profit writing workshop in San Francisco called 826 Valencia gave their students a very timely assignment - to send the new president their thoughts about what they think he should do in his new job.

You can see some of these letters on the School Library Journal website and be prepared to laugh. Also be prepared for a suprise or two. These children have some pretty meaningful things to say. A collection of these letters have been put together and are available in book form. If you need a little laugh and an injection of grounded common sense of the kid variety, make sure that you get a copy of Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' letters to President Obama.

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