Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Issue of Through the Looking Glass Book Review

Hello everyone. The new issue of Through the Looking Glass Book Review is now online. I hope you enjoy looking through it. It was a challenge to put out because I was trying to juggle moving house, preparing for the holidays, and one hundred and one other things. Still, I managed. Here is a sample of what is in this new issue:

This month's special feature: Penguins - If you like black and white birds that waddle then this is the book collection for you.

This month's seasonal features: Winter Days and Snowy Days. The latter includes an large collection of books that will allow you to enjoy some of the pleasures of snow without leaving your home.

This month's Editor's Choice: How to get rich in the California Gold Rush by Todd Olson. This excellent title will help young readers get a sense of what it was like to go to California seeking gold there during the gold rush. The book is packed with period illustrations and it's narrative brings this historic event to life.
In the Bookish Calender we look at, among other things, the birthdays of Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton; Appreciate a Dragon Day, and Chinese (lunar) New Year.
Some of you will enjoy reading my review of Brian Jacques' book Doomwhyte on the 12+ Fiction Page. Give a Goat is a very meaningful title that is reviewed on the Picture Book Page. For little children there is How big is a pig and several other board books on the Board Book and Novelty Books Page.
I hope you enjoy this new issue. If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line.

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