Saturday, July 17, 2010

July is Classic Book Month on TTLG - Day Seven

So far I have looked at picture books and works of fiction in this roundup. Now I would like to give you a review of a board book. I read this book to my daughter every night for what, at the time, felt like forever. Anyone who has raised a small child has a book that said child wants to hear over and over and over again. This was her favorite.

Audrey Wood
Illustrated by Don Wood
Board Book
Ages 3 to 5
Harcourt, 2000, 0152026320
      The whole house is asleep on this rainy night. Granny is in her bed, the dog is on the rug, the child is in the chair, the cat is in the basket, and the mouse is asleep on top of the mirror frame. Then, one by one the child and the animals, still half asleep, climb into bed with the granny. All is still quiet and sleepy until a wide awake flea decides to sit on the mouse. Then the peace is abruptly shattered, and chaos, in a series of wild awakenings, ensues.
   Blue toned illustrations capture the somnolent mood of sleep and calm as this story begins. Then bursts of bright colour flash across the page as the peace is broken as one occupant of the house after another wakes up. The wild confusion of the waking is sure to delight children, who will find the rhythmic “The house that jack built” form of the text comforting and familiar. This book will make a perfect bedtime tale.

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