Thursday, September 12, 2019

The new issue of Through the Looking Glass Book Reviews is online

Happy September dear book loving people! The new issue of the journal is online and it contains some wonderful bookish treats for you all.

The special feature is Writers and Writing and I got to review several books about writers and the writing process. Start with a Word by Peter H. Reynolds (of Dot and Ish fame) is the perfect book to give to someone who loves to write but who needs a little help getting into the writing groove (yes there is such a thing).

For the Series Spotlight I chose The Paper Magician trilogy. These books take readers to a wonderful place where magicians are (mostly) well respected members of society, and where magic is (mostly) used for the betterment of all. The main character is utterly delightful and the touch of romance in the story is charming. Mind you, these stories are not all sweetness and light. There are some very low points that I have to confess left me feeling rather shaken. Magic must be taken seriously and it needs to be treated with respect, and of course there are always those who will use it to hurt others. Many thanks to Charlie N. Holmberg (the spotlight author in this issue) for creating these books.

Just last month the wonderful poet and anthologist, Lee Bennett Hopkins, left the stage and he will be greatly missed. He was such a dear, funny, and generous man, and it was a privilege to call him a friend. In his honor I chose to review one of his newest poetry anthologies in this issue, and I also featured a book that won the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award, poetry prize that he brought into being and that carries his name.

For this issue I also chose to include some reviews of a few older, classic books. Ballet Shoes, George's Marvelous Medicine, Nurse Matilda, and The Railway Children, have all been around for a while and getting to read them again, as an adult, was a real treat.

I hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to hearing from you.

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