Monday, August 4, 2008

The New Issue of Through the Looking Glass Book Review

This month on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review visitors will find reviews for a wide variety of books, along with some interesting features, profiles, and spotlights.

  • We are celebrating the last real month of summer. You will find reviews of general summer books and reviews of beach related books.
  • The special feature is about circuses. If you love the big top and would like to find books about circuses, circus people, and circus animals then this is the feature for you.
  • In the Bookish Calendar you will find links to a number of interesting feature pages that explore books about, among other things: The dropping of the first atomic bomb, the erupting of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D 79, the discovery of gold in the Klondike, and the birthday of musician Louis Armstrong.
  • The award winning book for this month is The Adventures of Marco Polo by Russell Freedman
  • The series spotlight for August is The Rats of Nimh Trilogy
  • Jeanne DuPrau is the author who is spotlighted in this issue. Her book The Prophet of Yonwood is reviewed in this issue as well.
  • The Editor's Choice title for this month is The day the World Exploded:The Earthshaking Catastrophe at Krakatoa by Simon Winchester. This book is beautifully written and presented, and in it Simon Winchester not only describes what happened to the island of Krakatoa in the late 1800's, but he also shows his readers that the event had a truly worldwide impact on the environment and on people.

I hope you enjoy this new issue and that you are having a wonderful summer.

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