Monday, April 22, 2013

Picture Book Monday - A review of Nibbles: A Green Tale

Happy Earth Day! I hope you have a wonderful day exploring and enjoying this beautiful planet we live on. I have a picture book for you today that explores a very important environmental issue.

We have two guinea pigs, Caramel and Fudge Ripple. I am sorry to say that they really don't have much to say other than "Wheeeeeee!" when they want their breakfast and dinner. The guinea pigs in today's picture book are much more interesting. In fact, they are intelligent animals who make a very important decision  regarding their natural resources.

Charlotte Middleton
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 7
Marshall Cavendish, 2010, 978-0-7614-5791-6
   Nibbles, like all the guinea pigs in Dandeville, loves to eat dandelion leaves. As far as Nibbles and the other guinea pigs are concerned, dandelions are the crème de la crème of guinea pigs foods. They eat dandelion leaves at every meal, and in-between as well.
   Then the most terrible thing happens, the dandelions in Dandeville start to run out. The guinea pigs are forced to buy dandelion leaves at exorbitant prices on the Internet. They are even forced to eat cabbage leaves instead. What is to be done?
   When Nibbles finds the last dandelion plant growing outside his bedroom window, he is tempted to eat it, but instead he does a little research and he sets about doing what he can to take care of and nurture the dandelion plant. Nibbles has a long term plan that could make life better for all the guinea pigs in Dandeville.
   In this delightfully picture book, Charlotte Middleton shows her young readers how important it is to think of the future. If we preserve our natural resources now, then we will have natural resources in the future. Using an engaging story and wonderful multimedia illustrations, the concept of sustainability is beautifully presented from the point of view of guinea pigs.

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