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Monday, January 18, 2016

Picture Book Monday with a review of The Red Apple

Learning how to work with others and cooperate is a lesson many children struggle with. They often prefer to do things their way. If there is a prize to be earned, they don't want to share it. They would rather struggle on their own than cooperate with others if it means that they have to share the prize. In this gorgeous picture book we see how a group of animals work together to try to get something and how, in the end, their cooperation gives them a gift that none of them expected.

The red Apple
Feridun Oral
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Minedition, 2015, 978-988-8240-00-5
One snowy, bitterly cold winter’s day a rabbit leaves his burrow to try to find some food. Unfortunately, the snow is so deep that everything edible is buried. Then Rabbit sees a bright red apple hanging on a bare tree. Rabbit is delighted with his find and he quickly goes over to the tree. Only to discover that the apple is too far above his head. There is no way that Rabbit can reach the precious fruit.
   Rabbit decides to ask Mouse for his help, and Mouse is willing to do what he can, but it turns out that the tree is too big for such a small mouse to handle. Even when Mouse stands on Rabbit’s head the apple is still too high for them to reach it.
   Then Fox, who is feeling “a bit under the weather,” arrives on the scene.  He tries to knock the apple off the tree with his tail, but his efforts are no more successful than the earlier ones were, and the apple, very stubbornly so it seems, stays firmly attached to the tree.
   In this beautifully written and visually stunning picture book, Feridun Oral shows his readers how cooperation sweetens life in more ways than one. The ending will warm the hearts of readers of all ages. 

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