Monday, June 23, 2008

The Bear From Darkest Peru is Fifty Years Old

There can't be many people who have not heard of that famous bear who is from "Darkest Peru." He adores marmalade and is a loyal and loving friend. He also has the most amazing penchant for getting into trouble - through no fault of his own. His adventures usually start with some everyday sort of event. For example in "More about Paddington" Paddington decides that he is going to help to redecorate his room. Unfortunately Paddington hasn't a clue how to hang wallpaper or paint. As a result he creates an awful mess and - just to make things more difficult for everyone - he papers over the only door leading out of his room. Only Paddington would do something like this.

Though I read my first Paddington book a long time ago, I still chuckle over the pickles he gets into. I am delighted that Michael Bond is still writing books about this most splendid bear and I always look forward to reading a new book. If you are fond of this wonderful character then you might like to visit Paddington's Website on the Internet. You will find my reviews for some of the Paddington books on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review Paddington page.

Happy birthday Paddington and many thanks for all the laughs you have given us.

Do tell us what your favorite Paddington story is, or if you have a special Paddington moment that you remember with fondness, tell us about that.

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