Thursday, June 19, 2008

Three Contests - Get out your pens and cameras

There are two contests which both end on August 31st which young people - and the adults in their lives - might be interested in. One is the Samsung Hope For Education contest. Contestants need to write a 100 world essay about "“How has technology educated you on helping the environment and how or why has it changed your behavior to be more environmentally friendly?” For more information about this contest visit the contest website. Winners will receive computers hardware and software and cash for their schools.

The second contest is perfect for young people who fancy going into the movie business. Laurie Halse Anderson is inviting anyone under the age of twenty-one to create a book trailer for her books Speak and Twisted. You can find the relevant information on Laurie's blog. The winner will win a 8GB ipod Touch.

There is also third contest which I only just found out about. Holly Black - of Spiderwick fame - is hosting a contest which ends on June 29th. Contestants have to create a lolcat on one of three subjects. Visit Holly's Blog for more information. Winners receive a signed DVD of the new (ish) Spiderwick film.
If you have heard of a contest which my readers would like to know about please drop me a line and tell me about it.

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