Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Savvy Blog Book: Day Three - What's your savvy?

For this third day in the Savvy blog book tour I thought that it might be interesting, and perhaps amusing, to talk about savvies. In Ingrid Law's book a savvy is a magical gift that you acquire when you turn thirteen. In Mibs' case she became able to hear the voices of tattoos and other markings that people around her had on their skin. In my town this would be very disquieting because so many people have tattoos. What would the Mayan glyphs that a friend has tattooed on his arms say? What would the ivy tattoo on my own hand tell me?

After I had my inteview with Ingrid I began to think about savvies. I do believe that we all have savvies - though alas, they are not magical in nature. Still, they can be very powerful in their own way, and they can have a profound effect on our lives. I know, without a doubt, that my father's savvy was his ability to be curious about the world. Even when he was almost eighty my father never stopped wanting to learn. He never stopped asking questions. I can only hope that my curiosity about the world will last like his did.

I like to think that my strongest savvy is being able to feel compassion for others who are having a hard time. I myself have experienced some very difficult times in my life, and I think these experiences have made me more sensitive to the troubles of others. Of course this compassion does have a down side - I am so easily moved by the troubles of others that I spend a lot of time worrying about them. This takes a lot of energy and it can be exhausting. Nevertheless I would not want to lose my savvy.

My husband's savvy is that he is very rarely upset by what is going on around him. I often wish I had his cool head. By contrast, I am impatient and lose my temper quite easily. Annoyances that drive me crazy seem to have little to no impact on him.

Other savvies I have encountered in my friends are: the ability to make people laugh, the ability to solve problems with ease, the ability to make others feel that they are special, the ability to make even the shyest person feel comfortable, and the ability to eat as much as one wants without gaining a pound (sigh).

I'd love to hear what you think your savvies are, so please join me in this discussion.

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