Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Crocodday Blog Book Tour - Day Three

In her book, Crocodaddy, Kim Norman celebrates a warm relationship between a father and son. As I collected books for Mother's Day and Father's Day this year, I noticed that there really aren't that many books about fathers and their children. We need more books about the role that fathers play in their children's lives. You can see the books I have reviewed so far on the Father's Day Feature page on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review. More titles are in the process of being added for the June issue of the online magazine. Of these books, I particularly enjoyed Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino.

What I really like about Crocodaddy is that it not only highlights the
relationship between a father and a son, but it also shows readers that the simple things in life are often the most meaningful. In Crocdaddy it is a game that is played in the local pond on a summer's day. These events and traditions are often the things we remember many years later. I remember sitting on the front porch with my father and watching the swallows dipping and diving in the air around us. After I left my parental home I never lived in a place where they have swallows - until now. Now I get to share the dance of the swallows with my daughter. My father 's spirit sits is with me as I share this simple joy with my child.

To wrap up this blog book tour, Kim Norman has kindly offered to give one of my readers a signed copy of her book. If you would like the book please send me an email.

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Kathleen said...

I don't agree. There are lots of books out there with fathers in them. Just check out the Book Dads blog: