Thursday, January 7, 2010

Story time for me: A new interactive book experience on the Web

Story Time For Me has launched a new interactive children’s reading website that promotes literacy worldwide while providing a place for children to read and listen to enjoyable and interactive online picture books.  The site is suitable for both toddlers and children in early elementary school.  The original episodic content will foster a love of reading and improve a child’s cognitive development and reading skills at the same time.  As the company itself is donating its product to many city schools, a significant goal of Story Time For Me is to raise funds for foundations through specially designed gifting programs that the company has designed.

Unique to Story Time For Me, all of the stories include tracking technology that highlights the narration as it’s being read.  This technology gives even the youngest child the tools to follow the words as they are read. Additional technology balances entertainment with proven learning techniques to provide children with hours of educational reading enjoyment. The Story Time For Me e-library offers compelling storytelling with inspiring and memorable characters that will stimulate any child’s imagination.

Story Time For Me was developed in order to give kids who want to be on the internet, a wholesome and educational place to go,” says Andrew Gitt, owner and founder.  “As I am a father to four young children, I was concerned about the violent video games and inappropriate material that is on the internet today. I knew that there was a huge market for an educational internet product that would give parents a proper comfort level …We have created this inStory Time For Me.”

There are many enjoyable activities at Story Time For Me that both parents and their children can do together, as well as things that young readers can do by themselves. Present and future marketing includes hand painted personalized books as well as a series for infants up to age three.


Maureen Hume said...

Sound like a winner! Whatever encourages a child to read has to be a good thing.

Marya Jansen-Gruber said...

There are lots of free trials on the website. Take a look and let me know what you think of the stories. Then I will tell you something about them!

Pat said...

Hello Marya -- Seems that there's a possibility we (Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin) might be working with you on STFM. It's a great site and we've both enjoyed your stories -- especially the beetle.

We lived in Portland for a few years, and right now an unusual winter rain here in Mexico reminds me of Oregon. There were things I really liked about Oregon, but we generally have much sunnier and warmer winters here. We manage a scholarship program, and there's so much flooding that our kids might not be able to reach our house on Saturday for their funds. We'll work something out.

I look forward to the STFM possibilities. Pat