Thursday, March 11, 2010

A free ebook about Earthquakes from Sylvan Dell

I recently got an email from Sylvan Dell that I would like to share with you:

To help parents and teachers explain the Haiti tragedy to their children, Sylvan Dell has posted our Pandas’ Earthquake Escape eBook on our homepage free for the next 30 days. Our hearts go out to those suffering in  Chile and in Haiti, and we hope having access to this e-book will  help children understand the shifting plates and dynamic earth forces at work. We are proponents of using teaching moments, even tragic ones, to optimize learning. Listen to the news, read the picture book, use the 6-page non-fiction educational section in the back of the book, and then use the 50-page cross-curricular Teaching Activities section online. 

Pandas’ Earthquake Escape written by Phyllis Perry and with stunning illustrations by Susan Detwiler follows the adventures of a mother panda, LiLing, and her cub, Tengfei, for several days after the devastating earthquake that hit China two years ago. Perry’s story follows the two pandas’ quest to survive outside the comfort of their reserve. 
The eBook features read-aloud, auto page flip, and selectable English and Spanish  text and audio. This title is also available in hardcover and paperback. We hope this book is enjoyed and helps children understand world events around them.

Please click here to access the free ebook, and thank you Sylvan Dell for this special book. 

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