Monday, December 25, 2017

Picture Book Monday with a review of The Call of Swamp

For many people, today is a day to spend with loved ones. It is a day to look around at the people we love best and give thanks for them. In today's picture book you will meet a charming little creature who is not really sure where he belongs and who he belongs to. He ends up taking a journey, and in the process he figures out something very important about what home is.

The Call of the SwampThe Call of the Swamp
Davide Cali
Illustrated by Marco Soma
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Eerdmans, 2017, 978-0-8028-5486-5
Before they found him, Boris’ parents tried to have a baby of their own, but doctors told them that they would not be able to have a child. They had given up hope that they would be able to become parents, so when they found Boris on the edge of the swamp they were delighted. They could not care less that the baby had gills. They did not care where he came from even. All that mattered was that he was now theirs.
   Boris grew up to be a perfectly normal boy except that he had gills, and eyes that were a little bigger than usual. His life was happy, or so he thought.
   Then one day Boris picked up the scent of the swamp on the air. The aroma tugged at him and questions rattled around in his head. Was he really living the life that he was supposed to be living?
   One morning Boris left home and began to walk, pulled along by the smell that was haunting him. Finally Boris came to the swamp, and at last he felt complete and at home. In the swamp he belonged, and he fitted in with the other creatures who were like him.
   Boris was happy for a while until he began to realize that he was not exactly like his neighbors in the swamp. He began to feel homesick, and he wondered if he really was in the right place after all. Should he go home or should he stay in the swamp?
   This wonderful, magical picture book explores the idea of what a home is. The unique artwork offers a stunning backdrop for a text that is powerful and memorable. 

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