Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some interesting contests that you might like to investigate

Because of my reviewing work I recieve a lot of email newsletters and in some of these I have found information about some interesting contests and events that I think you might like to know about.

  • For the Storytubes contest children have to read a book and then review it in a creative way, on video. Contact a library or your local school to find out if they are participating in the program and if they are not ask them to join up so that they can sponsor your child for the contest. For more information take a look at the Storytubes website
  • If you have a teen in the house you might like to tell them about Teen Read Week which this year is from October 12th though October 18th. This years topic is Books with Bite. Talk to your local or school librarian to find out if they are participating. You can get more information about the event on the Teen Read Week website.

Do let me know if have heard about contests or events that might be of interest to my readers.

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