Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer vacations

Summer is, for most of us, a time of year when life slows down a little. Children are out of school and parents don't spend quite so much time going to and from after-school activities and events. Summer is also a time when many families go on vacation. Some people are lucky enough to go abroad while others take a break by going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or visiting places of interest in their own country.

To celebrate summer and summer activities Through the Looking Glass Book Review has a number of features that might interest you. There is the Summer Days feature. Here there are reviews of summer related books of all kinds. Then there is the Days at the Beach feature where readers will find reviews of beachy books. There are picture books, board books, and more. If you are off to the beach this summer you might like to heighten the experience by reading a few of these titles.

In addition, for the July issue of Through the Looking Glass Book Review, I have reviewed some wonderful vacation books. Are we there yet: A journey around Australia is beautifully illustrated and it takes readers on a fabulous trip around Australia in the company of a family who are not afraid of adventures. In the Bush: Our holiday at Wombat Flat is also from Australia and it will delight readers who enjoy books that are full of detailed illustrations. The text is minimal and there are many amusing things to find in the artwork.

For older readers Travels with my family will leave you in stitches. In this title two little boys are taken on a variety of very unconventional vacations and they have some very unusual adventures and misadventures. The book is written in such a way that older readers will also enjoy it. It is therefore a perfect title to read out loud. One could read the book during a long car ride or while sitting around a campfire.
For children who are going to camp this summer A couple of boys have the best week ever is a must. This book will certainly bring a smile to the face of any reader. Children will want to read it again and again.
Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

Summer is the right time to have a beach holiday trip with your family. I have recently enjoyed one.