Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's New on Through the Looking Glass Book Review

These days the skies above my town are full of smoke from the Northern California fires which are still burning to the south of us. The fires remind me that we are truly at the mercy of the weather when it chooses to turn nasty. In this case lightening strikes caused numerous fires to begin and now, many days after the storm, we still have not been able to put the fires out.

In the new issue of Though the Looking Glass Book Review we look at books that explore the world's weather and the effect that the weather has on our lives. There are books about tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, wind, rain and snow. The titles that have been reviewed are suitable for children of all ages, from children who are very young to those who are in their teenage years. You can find the weather feature on this page on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review website.

Also take a look out the Editor's Choice title for this month. Sand Dollar Summer by Kimberly K. Jones is a marvelous book that explores how a young girl, Lise, adjusts to huge changes in her life. She wants everything to stay just as it is but when her mother gets injured in a car crash Lise's life is turned upside down. She and her family go to spend the summer in a ramshackle house on the Maine coast and Lise hates everything about the place. She dislikes the cold water, the sand drives her crazy, and worst of all her mother is not herself at all. Lise feels very lonely and angry and she wants everything to be the way it was before her mother was injured.

This is a very moving and thought provoking book, and I cannot recommend it highy enough for readers who are twelve and up.

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