Monday, March 15, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day Books

I grew up on an island in the Mediterranean where there were very few Irish people, or people of Irish decent for that matter, so (alas and alack) I did not really get to enjoy a St. Patrick's Day while I was growing up. After I left university I spent a summer in Dublin and grew very fond of the Irish people, their beautiful country, and their interesting history. I did not grow to love the damp Irish weather however. Then, when I moved to the U.S. I finally got to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, getting into the swing of things by donning green clothes, drinking green beer, and even baking Irish soda bread.

Since I started reviewing books I have come across a wonderful variety of children's books about Ireland and about St. Patrick's Day. You can look at the books I have reviewed in the Through the Looking Glass Saint Patrick's Day feature.  There are a variety of books in the collection for readers of all kinds. One in particular that I enjoyed was S is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet. This is one of several alphabet books published by Sleeping Bear Press. It is the kind of book readers of almost any age - except the very young perhaps - can enjoy. Children (and adults) who read this book will find out many things about Ireland and about the Irish people.


Aaron Mead said...

A delightful St. Patrick's Day book I've recently discovered--which I noticed was not on your list--is Tomie dePaola's Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland. This is a charming biography of St. Patrick for kids in the 6-to-8-years category. The book has some interesting information on legends about St. Patrick in addition to the more strictly biographical materials. Ever wonder why the shamrock is significant? Get an explanation in this book! It's a really fun, interesting book, and dePaola's artwork is fantastic as always. He has a real knack for books that retell traditional or historical stories.

Marya Jansen-Gruber said...

Thanks for sharing Aaron. I am very fond of Tomie dePaola's work. Have you reviewed the book? If you have, do send us a link to the review.

Aaron Mead said...

You're quite welcome. I just finished a review of the book. The link is here:

You can also just click my name and that should take you to the review.