Friday, August 19, 2011

The TTLG 2011 Picture Book Celebration: Book two hundred and thirty-one

Every so often I find a book that will appeal to children and adults alike. Today's book is just such a title, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and looking at the art. I imagine this book would make a great gift fore readers who will soon be embarking on a new adventure. 

Serge Bloch
Picture Book
For ages 7 and up
Sterling, 2010, 978-1-4027-7129-3
   Here you are, “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you,” and there are all kinds of adventures lying in your future. Sometimes things will go well, “it’ll be smooth sailing,” but then there will also be those times when things do not go well. Perhaps you will feel small and unimportant, “a small fish in a big pond.” Perhaps you will not succeed in your endeavors at first and you might make some rather big mistakes.
   The important thing to do is not to give up. No matter how many times you “sink like a stone,” don’t be discouraged. If you persevere and “shoot for the stars” you will more likely than not be able to make your dreams come true.
   Using delightfully funny multimedia illustrations, Serge Bloch has created a picture book that will ‘speak’ to readers of all ages. His words of support and encouragement are simple yet powerful.
   This book would be a great gift for anyone who is about to start a new chapter in their lives. 

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