Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Interview about "What Dogs Want for Christmas" with Kandy Radzinski

Just to get you all into a Christmassy mood I have reviewed a splendid dog book called What dogs want for Christmas by Kandy Radzinski. You can see my review of this title on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review website, and here is an interview that I had with the book's author.

Why did you decide to write this book?
I decided to write "What Dogs Want for Christmas," as a companion to "What Cats Want for Christmas." I love painting animals.

You have dogs in your life. Do they get Christmas presents?
At the moment I have two dogs, Kirby a scotty male, and Beanie, a female rescued mut. They don't get presents for Christmas because everyday is Christmas for them, with all the love, attention, and food that they get everyday, anyway.

You have written another Christmas book about cats. Do you have a special fondness for Christmastime? If so why? I love Christmas; I see it as celebrating Jesus' birthday, plus alot of glitz. I also love the colors of Christmas. How do you create your illustrations? I create my illustrations by first just seeing them in my mind, then I do very rough drawings, refine that, and then go to good watercolor paper and paint. Hopefully, it turns out like that mental image that I had in my mind in the beginning. You have done several alphabet books for Sleeping Bear Press. Have you enjoyed doing these books? I have loved doing the alphabet books for Sleeping Bear Press. I really love painting just about everything.

What do you think alphabet books of this kind offer young readers?
These alphabet books offer young readers education, excitment, etc., what any good children's book should offer, some kind of magic.

If you could choose any topic which topic would you like to turn into an alphabet book?
If I could choose any topic to turn into an alphabet book, it would deal with animals. When I was growing up, my parents were very distant, but I always had a dog. They were and are so important to me. I love painting animals and anything with fur. Don't you just want to reach out and touch and cuddle anything that has fur on it?
The publisher of this book has kindly given me several copies of this book to give away to you. Drop me a line if you would like one.
Many thanks Kandy and Sleeping Bear Press.

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