Monday, December 8, 2008

Young people - Have a taste of the Peace Corps experience

In the 1960's Senator John F. Kennedy challenged young people to make a difference in the world. The Peace Corps grew out of his challenge and since then "more than 195,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 139 host countries to work on issues ranging from AIDS education to information technology and environmental preservation."

To give young people a taste for what it is like to be a Peace Corps volunteer the Peace Corps has set up a Peace Corps Challenge website where children can get a feel for what it is like to volunteer in a village in a foreign country. This online game is both entertaining and highly educational. Players will have to deal with water, health, infrastructure, and education problems. Teachers might like to use this invaluable tool in their classrooms to show their students that it is vital that we all do what we can to help people who are less fortunate than we are. Online classroom materials are available to teachers who want to participate.

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