Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Anniversaries - Darwin and Lincoln

Two hundred years ago tomorrow both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born. In honor of these two extraordinary men I reviewed quite a few books about them during the month of February. You can see these reviews on the Abraham Lincoln feature and the Charles Darwin feature on the Through the Looking Glass Book Review website. I thought that the following books were particularly notable:

Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith - A splendid non-fiction title that explores how Charles and Emma Darwin were able to overcome their differences and form a solid marriage bond that lasted many years.

Abraham Lincoln Comes Home - A very moving picture book that describes what it was like to see Lincoln's funeral train go by.

Lincoln Shot: A President's Life Remembered - A fabulous large format non-fiction picture book that is presented in the form of a mid 1800's newspaper.
and, though this is not a new book:

The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin - A non-fiction picture book biography that shows readers what Charles Darwin's dreams were and what he was like as a man.
Many people all around the world are celebrating these birthdays in unique ways. Enjoy remembering the lives of these two men who gave so much to do what they thought was right.

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