Thursday, February 19, 2009

When I was growing up I loved comic books of all kinds. I was living on a tiny island in the Mediterranean at the time, and I eagerly devoured Snoopy books, Mickey Mouse magazines, Beano Annuals, and others. Then there was Tintin, followed by the Asterix books, which I read in English or Greek or French - depending on who gave me the book.

Now comic books are harder to find. Instead there are graphic novels. Of course this genre has been around for years, but it only recently started to make an appearance in the children's book world in the west. I am an eager follower of Babymouse and other titles of this kind, and look forward to reading and reviewing a lot more graphic novel titles in the future.

I have something to share with those of you enjoy books in this genre - and who dabble in this art form. There is a fantastic website called Get Graphic. On this site teachers can find out how to incorporate graphic novels into their teaching, and young people can participate in contests. There is a blog, reviews, and much more. Take a look and enjoy!

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