Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Visit from an old friend bearing gifts

Last week I had a very special visitor, my pen pal of thirty years came to stay with me here in Oregon. Ute and I began writing to each other in 1980 when we ten and eleven years old. She lived in Germany, and her parents wanted her to improve her English. A mutual friend introduced us, and soon letters were flying between the the two of us. A few years after our correspondence began, I went to visit Ute in Germany. The next summer she came to visit me on the island of Cyprus. We helped each other through our college years, and when Ute became a doctor I was incredibly proud.
When she arrived on my doorstep last Wednesday, I was thrilled to see my tall, blond friend again. This time she brought her boyfriend Oliver with her, and I soon grew to like him a great deal. She also brought a small fluffy friend in her suitcase for me. Some years ago I discovered the Felix books. In these delightful stories, a stuffed toy rabbit goes on wonderful adventures, and he writes letters to his little girl to tell her what he is up to. The books are enormously popular in Europe and I have reviewed all of them for Through the Looking Glass Book Review. I was delighted to recieve my own personal Felix, and he will join Dogmatix, Olivia, and the numerous stuffed dragons who live in my office.

I hope you get the opportunity to read at least one of the Felix books. You can read my reviews of these charming books here, and I know you can buy them in bookstores and online.

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