Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A review of a book that celebrates winter sports

Last Friday the Winter Olympics started, and my family and I have already spent some wonderful hours watching people doing the ski jump, speed skating around and around, and bumping down moguls. We have also witnessed some bone shaking falls. I discovered this morning that I had a book on my shelf that would suit the mood of these Olympic days, so I decided to review it for you. 

Snowy sports: Ready, Set, Play!
Per-Henrik Gurth
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Kids Can Press, 2009, 9781553373674
   It is wintertime and it is cold outside. A group of friends put on their warm clothes and go outside to “play!” Wearing their hats, gloves, mittens, jackets, and earmuffs, they venture out into the snow and onto the ice to enjoy a variety of winter sports.
   On the ice the friends figure skate, they play hockey, and they race around a track, speed skating. On the snow they downhill ski, snowboard, and fly through the air as they shoot down and off a ski jump.
   Children will greatly enjoy learning about the winter sports described in this simple and charming picture book. Animals characters drawn in bright and cheerful colors fill the pages, and on every spread children are introduced to the names of some of the items seen in the winter scenes.

I am hopefully that I will be swishing down the slopes at Mount Shasta in California this Friday. Hopefully there will be enough snow. It has been uncommonly warm here this winter. Here we are wearing long sleeve t-shirts in Oregon while people in Tennessee are up to their ankles in snow!

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