Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21st is Endangered Species Day - A gift of e-books from Sylvan Dell

Animals and Plants are Endangered!U.S. Senate Encourages Schools to Educate Children About Our Endangered Species

 In 2006, the United States Senate established the third Friday of May Endangered Species Day, in an effort to spread awareness of our endangered plants and animals. May 21, 2010 will mark the 5th Annual Endangered Species Day.

The recent U.S. Senate resolution proclaiming May 21 as Endangered Species Day 2010, states that over 1,000 species in the U.S. and around the world are at risk of extinction.  The goal of this day is to educate and create public awareness of this staggering number.  The resolution calls for educators to spend at least 30 minutes on this day discussing endangered plants and animals. After all, how does a person help fix a problem when the problem is unknown?

Lee and Donna German, co-founders of Sylvan Dell Publishing have built a company that strives to educate children through literature in many areas including environmental responsibility. “How can we expect future generations to protect the environment if they are never taught? Protecting the environment is about respect—respecting each other, our communities, and the Earth. That is what parents have to teach their children,” says Lee German. “Part of Endangered Species Day is creating awareness. Children must be aware of endangered species and the threat of extinction. Once they become aware, they become proactive. Working together, we can save dwindling habitats and species.”

To help educators incorporate endangered species into their lesson plans, Sylvan Dell Publishing, will offer their endangered species eBooks for free in participation of this important day. Introduce children to Felina the Florida panther, Carolina the loggerhead turtle, LiLing and Tengfei the two giant pandas and a host of other threatened and endangered species with the Sylvan Dell endangered species titles. To access the eBooks, visit the Sylvan Dell Web site or see directions below. Use these books to help educate children about the importance of our endangered species!

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