Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bookish Calendar - The birthday of two queens

Mary Queen of Scots
On the 8th of December 1542 Mary, the daughter of King James V of Scotland, was born. Just a few days after her birth, Mary's father died and the infant Mary became the Scottish queen regnant. Nine months later she was crowned queen, but she did not become the acting queen until many years later. At the tender age of five Mary was sent to France where she was educated and groomed to become the future queen of France. When she was sixteen she was married to the Dauphin Francis, and for a short time Mary was queen of France. Then her husband died and Mary returned to Scotland to take her rightful place as the queen. Unfortunately it was not a role that she understood, and her rule was complicated by political and personal problems that brought about her downfall. Young readers can learn about this fascinating woman by reading the books reviewed on the TTLG Mary Queen of Scots page. 
Queen Kristina of Sweden

On December 8th 1626, princess Kristina of Sweden was born. Kristina was a very unusual woman, who created quite a stir when she decided to live her life as she chose, rather than live her life as she was supposed to do. Carolyn Meyer has written a wonderful book about this ruler in her book Kristina: The Girl King, Sweden 1638.

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