Thursday, January 6, 2011

The TTLG 2011 Picture Book Celebration - Book Six

Many children all over the world love dinosaurs. The are fascinated by the bizarre animals with their long necks, or armored skins, or horns. Today's picture book is about a really really small dinosaur who learns how to be brave for himself, and for someone else. The charming main character in this story first came on the scene in The Littlest Dinosaur. It is wonderful to have him back.

Michael Foreman
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Walker, 2009, 0-8027-9545-5
   The littlest dinosaur is very little indeed, and one day, urged on by a bouncy cheerful frog, he crosses a river by walking on the lily pads that float on the water. None of his family could do this because they are far too big and heavy.
   On the other side of the river, the littlest dinosaur finds himself on the edge of a field that is full of flowers, buzzing bees, and butterflies. He enjoys the beauty of the place and appreciates that “it is fun to be small” when you are surrounded by so much loveliness. Then the light begins to fade, and the littlest dinosaur finds himself in a big forest. Being small, all alone, and lost in a big dark forest is not much fun at all. Reminding himself that he has “the heart of a dinosaur” even though he is tiny, the littlest dinosaur presses on. Surely he will be able to find his way home somehow.
   In this sweet littlest dinosaur picture book, Michael Foreman shows us that one does not have to be big to be brave. The award winning author and illustrator gives us a story that is warming and memorable.

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