Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The TTLG 2011 Picture Book Celebration - Book Sixty-Seven

Every so often it feels great to read a picture book that is deliciously silly and fun. The picture book that I reviewed below is just such a book. It is a perfect book to read aloud, and it is sure to put a smile on even the gloomiest of faces.

Lisa Wheeler
Illustrated by Ivan Bates
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Harcourt, 2004, 0-15-202319-6
   Farmer Dale is driving to town to deliver a load of hay when he comes across “a bossy cow” who asks for a ride. It is a tight fit, but the cow manages to get herself in and they drive on. Farmer Dale soon discovers that there are others who want a ride; there is a singing sheep, a roller skating pig, and an accordion playing goat. Farmer Dale doesn’t seem to realize that there comes a point when a truck just cannot carry any more. Sure enough Farmer Dale’s pickup truck finally gives up. At first, none of the animals inside the truck are willing to get out, but the better side of their nature prevails. One way or another they are going to get the truck moving again.
   This richly illustrated and funny little story is perfect for read-aloud time, and is sure to bring forth much laughter and lots of sound effects.

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