Friday, October 7, 2011

Poetry Friday - A review of Rumble in the Jungle

Not long ago I reviewed Commotion in the Ocean, a board poetry book that grownups can let even their youngest children explore without having to worry that the book might get damaged. I like the fact that Tiger Tales has created books of poetry that are suitable for very little children. True, children who are between the ages of three and five usually cannot read on their own, but why shouldn't they have a book of poetry that is just for them. They can look at the pictures, pick out a familiar word or two, and know that poetry is for everyone, big and small.

Here is another Tiger Tales board poetry book.

Rumble in the JungleGiles Andreae
Illustrated by David Wojtowycz
Board Poetry Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2011, 978-1-58925-864-8
   It is morning in the jungle, and the animals are starting to wake up. We can hear “a whisper in the trees” and “rustling in the leaves.” Let’s go into the jungle to “see what we can find.”
   The first animal we meet is the chimpanzee. There they are, swinging through the trees and looking for things to eat. We find out that if chimps cannot find nuts to dine on, they “munch each other’s fleas!”
   Further along in the jungle we meet a zebra. Some people might think that the zebra’s appearance is a bit odd, but this zebra clearly thinks that he is very lucky to have stripes because his “ladyfriend” thinks that his stripes make him look “handsome and cool.”
   All in all this book contains fifteen poems, thirteen of which are about exotic animals that children are naturally drawn to, such as lions, tigers, giraffes, snakes, and gorillas. With amusing rhymes, bright illustrations, and sturdy board pages that will withstand enthusiastic handling, this book will provide little children with an entertaining poetry experience.

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