Sunday, November 20, 2011

The TTLG 2011 Picture Book Celebration: Book three hundred and twenty-four

I have often wondered what my pets do when I am not at home. I imagine that they sleep for much of the time, and sometimes I come home to find clear indications that badness has been going on. A loaf of bread has been nibbled on, a glass has been knocked over, or some furry person has been chewing on the houseplants again. What else do they do that I do not know about though? I know more badness is going on behind my back, but I need evidence!

In today's picture book you will find out what happens when a family of humans leave their summer cottage empty for fall and winter. Their home, like mine, is taken over by furry people.

Karel Hayes
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Down East Books, 978-0-89272-750-6
   It is fall, and the summer visitors are getting ready to leave the cottage by the lake. They put the canoe away, cover the furniture with sheets, pack up their things, and drive away with their bikes on the roof of their car.
   As soon as they disappear over the crest of the hill, the bear family comes down to the cottage. They find the jar of honey that was left behind, take the sheets off the furniture, and they are warm and snug indoors when the first snow flies.
   Father bear takes one of his cubs ice fishing, and Mama bear and the other little cub stay home and bake a cake. Then many of the forest animals come over for a New Year’s party. Together they dance the night away, play games, and then they go to sleep.
   Readers who met the bear family in The Summer Visitors, will love this new story about a family of bears who enjoy the amenities that their human neighbors unknowingly provide. With only a few words in the whole book, this title will charm bear lovers of all ages, and it will make them wonder if the humans in the story ever really figure out what is going on behind their backs. 

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