Monday, November 28, 2011

The TTLG 2011 Picture Book Celebration: Book three hundred and thirty-two

I have recently been shown, once again, how precious true friends are. They are there in good times and bad, and they help make those scary moments in life a little less scary. I know for a fact that I would climb mountains for these people if I needed to. In today's picture book, you will meet four lawn ornaments who find the courage to do something very frightening so that they can be reunited with the little girl who is their dearest friend. Having read this book, and I will never look at a lawn ornament the same way again. 

Lawn to LawnDan Yaccarino
Picture book
For ages 5 to 7
Random House, 2010, 978-0-375-85574-0
   Pearl is a little girl who is best friends with the lawn ornaments who live in the yard in front of her house. One day Pearl tells Betty the deer, Flo the flamingo, Norm the garden gnome, and Jack the jockey that she and her family are moving to a new house. Pearl is excited, but the garden ornaments are not so sure because they have “never left the lawn before,” but they love Pearl and want to be with her no matter what.
   On moving day, the car is loaded up and Pearl and her family drive away. Without the lawn ornaments. Betty, Flo, Jack, and Norm are appalled. What is going to happen to them? If they stay put, they might end up on the curb and everyone knows what happens if you are put on the curb. A garbage truck takes you away and you are never seen again.
   Determined to find Pearl, and to avoid garbage trucks, the lawn ornaments set off. They have a map to guide them, but they have a long way to go, and who knows what they are going to have to deal with on their journey.
   In this heartwarming book, Dan Yaccarino uses his very unique cast of characters to explore what it means to truly value friendship. The lawn ornaments are not ideally suited to travelling across long distances, but they don’t give up, and we cannot help admiring them for their courage and determination.

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